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Full wig order kit (for women)

To order for a full size custom-made wig, our Full wig order kit is recommended as it will make your order preparation a very easy job.



What is in side?

The Full Wig Order Kit consists of the same stuff as the Regular Hairpiece Order Kit except that it contains 3 pre-made bases instead of plastic molds and base material chart.

         - These three (3) different sizes of pre-made bases (small, medium and large) will be sent to you so that you can try on each base to see how it fits you. One of them will definitely fit you.  Should there be any adjustment, you can easily do it by folding with pins. You need to send back all these 3 bases to us (please make sure to indicate which base does fit you) along with your order for $40 rebate -


Price?   Only $30 after all

Initially, you pay $65. However, once you return the 3 bases (you keep the other stuff of the kit) to us with your order, you will get $30 rebate from the price of the custom wig you have ordered.


Any question?    - Contact us