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Order form and head template

In order to make a perfect wig for you, we need full specifications including complete measurements. Please download our Order Form and fill it out, and send the form along with your head template. You can choose 1 of the 3 easy options below in preparing your Template or wig measurements.


Preference 1   We have three (3) different sizes of pre-made caps (small, medium and large), and we can send them all to you so that you can try each one on to choose the right one.  One of them will definitely fit you.  However, should there be any adjustment, you can easily do it by folding with pins. Send all three caps back to us along with your order.  $50.00 deposit is required for us to send all these three caps to you for trying on. We strongly recommend this option for us to make a perfect wig for you.

                      - You may also interested in Full cap wig order kit too!


Preference 2   Please make a complete template (mold) or your head with plastic.  Your wig will be made to fit the mold perfectly. You may need to ask for assistance from your hairstylist.


Preference 3   If you cannot make a template of your head, please send us the following measurements along with a filled-out Order Form refer to the drawings on the right side on how to measure.  You may still need assistance from your hairstylist in measuring correctly.



                                                                                                    - Download this picture